The Only Currently Known Medical - Legal Diagnostic Procedure That Allows An Employer To Control Workplace Soft Tissue Injuries Before They Occur.

This EFA-STM Program, is a game-changing diagnostic evaluation that can objectively determine pre-injury condition of a soft tissue and whether there is a change in condition after a reported injury. It is the only currently known way for any business to control their employees' soft tissue related injuries, before they happen, direct and control the subsequent treatment, provide for shorter disability periods and faster return-to-work times.

The results of this EFA-STM Program tremendously reduce the cost of these soft tissue injuries which lead to lower medical care and insurance premium costs.

What is this Electrodiagnostic Functional Assessment Soft Tissue Management (EFA-STM) Program?

The EFA-STM Program was created and manufactured by Emerge Diagnostics, the leader in functional EMG technology for the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue injuries. It provides a comprehensive and objective bookend solution to ensure employers are protected against claims of discrimination as well as disability, while complying with all ADAAA and EEOC regulations. This EFA-STM Program measures current and new employees, by classification, before and after workplace injuries to help the employer determine if a reported injury arises out of the course and scope of employment (AOECOE). By comparing pre- and post-injury data, the EFA-STM Program is a recommended best practice to accurately distinguish compensable acute workplace injuries and/or exacerbation of pre-existing injuries from chronic, unrelated conditions.

The EFA Test is a new and valuable tool, non-invasive and non-loading diagnostic evaluation, performed by Emerge Diagnostics,, in strategically located occupational health clinic settings. The EFA Test combines five American Medical Association accepted tests into one comprehensive, objective and reproducible evaluation.

  1. Range of motion
  2. Functional assessment
  3. Pinch strength
  4. Grip strength
  5. Electromyography (EMG)

MRIs, X-rays, and CT scans alone can not diagnose these soft tissue injuries since they are not designed to be dynamic or to be able to access muscle function or diagnose sprains and strains. The EFA Test is designed to objectively diagnose and identify the location, extent, nature and age of these soft tissue injuries.

"The Emerge program has allowed our clinic to provide a solution to diagnose soft muscle tissue injuries that has simply not existed before. Our physician now has a tool to identify a specific area injured and if needed, provide that information to a physical therapist who now knows exactly where to concentrate their efforts, thus providing a new level of care for our patients. This ability, combined with the Soft Tissue Management program to baseline employees, has definitely allowed our clients, the employer, to reduce loss time injuries, return employees to work much sooner, eliminate fraudulent claims and to therefore reduce workers compensation claims and overall costs."

Brad Petty
NOHS Occupational Medical Clinic, Tulsa, OK

This EFA technology is registered with the FDA as a Class II Medical Device for musculoskeletal disorders.

How Does The EFA-STM Program Work

The baseline assessment is performed with current employees and new hires, in a strategically located occupational health clinic by Emerge. The unread data is immediately stored in a secured database by Emerge. The baseline assessment is only read when an injury occurs and a post- injury assessment is performed.

When a work-related injury is reported, a post-injury assessment is performed and compared to the baseline assessment to determine whether there has been a change in condition. The EFA Test is designed to objectively pinpoint the muscle group, identify, locate and diagnose the location, identify the nature and diagnose the extent and age of soft tissue injuries.

This information is provided to the treating physician(s) along with targeted recommendations, allowing site-specific treatment to improve medical care, enhance the recovery process and reduce medical and disability costs. It also serves to prevent costly misdiagnoses, unnecessary or inappropriate surgeries and treatments, and prolonged recovery periods.

Emerge's EFA Test Is Proven in Court and Has Changed Case Law.

"This newly discovered evidence [the EFA Test] is unique and directly relevant to the crucial issue of causation. It is substantially probably that this medical report, created almost a year before the litigation was filed, would have caused the jury to evaluate all of the evidence at trial differently. The outcome at trial could well have been different if this evidence had been available."

Jack B. Weinstein, Senior Judge of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York His Honor overturned a $5.3 million product liability verdict based on the EFA Test.

Social, Environmental And Regulatory Benefits

For employees who have legitimate, compensable injuries, this technology aids in a timely and accurate diagnosis. The EFA Test results offer targeted information, allowing site-specific medical treatment to improve outcomes and return-to work times while at the same time employees get better treatment solutions, shorter disability periods, faster return-to-work times and better quality of life.

Businesses get the benefit of shorter employees' time lost due to injuries, reduction of frequency and cost associated with the treatment of soft tissue injuries and an improved Experience Modification Ratio (EMR) which further reduces their insurance premiums.

From a regulatory point of view, the EFA-STM Program, facilitates compliance with all ADAAA and EEOC requirements and positively impacts the current direct and indirect costs, as well as potential future costs created by CMS Mandatory Reporting.

What Companies Are Saying About The Emerge Diagnostics EFA-STM Program

"We have a progressive safety program. Since implementing the EFA into this program, we have taken our experience modification rate from a 1.26 to a 0.76. My insurance company loves me. They have witnessed it helping other employees by accurately diagnosing the source of their injury, allowing them to get the proper treatment and return to post- injury status much quicker."

Judi Tipps, Corporate Secretary
Lankford Construction Company

"It has been a little over a year since we began this pilot program and to date we have not had a single injury in that (production) work area. It has helped lower our workers' comp rate, our OSHA recordable incident rate, improved the morale in that area and has even reduced turnover. I must admit, I was not the easiest prospect to win over, but I am forever convinced that this testing procedure is the best tool available to truly help our employees."

Galen Sawyer, Safety Manager
Ameristar Perimeter Security USA Inc - ASSA ABLOY

"...if our claimant were to have back surgery or a lumbar fusion, the costs are well in the six figures. We dodged a major bullet because we had the EFA-STM Program in place. I believe this technology will be a game changer in the work comp industry."

Gerald T. Suther, Work Comp Claims Manager
Heartland Express, Inc.

The EFA Testing is offered as part of our Total Risk Management Solution (TRMS). For more information contact Tony Damoulis, Director of Operations.

Tony Damoulis leads our Risk Management Program and can be reached via email.

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