Who We Are and What We Do

The interactive video below, explains in seven short screens, how we can help your agency with value-added services that could be offered to your current and prospective clients as an integral part of your agency or, at your option, on a “per client” or on an “as needed” basis.

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Tony Damoulis, in addition to being our Director of Operations, also directs our liability division that deals exclusively with our clients’ risk and claims management needs.


You Spoke, We Listened

The New Compcheck

For over fifteen years we have been successfully assisting business owners and insurance brokers and their clients with first controlling and then reducing their insurance premium costs, from year to year. We are honored to have some of our clients with us, for every one of these fifteen years.

Compcheck and our services got off the ground, initially, auditing our clients’ workers’ compensation costs. The success of our workers’ compensation program has no equal in our industry. A small number of firms have tried over the years to compete with us, without success. There are two main reasons why we have succeeded and they have failed; the excellence of our servicing and the loyal support of our satisfied clients.

Throughout this period, our clients have been demanding a more extensive service package to address other areas of insurance such as comprehensive general liability, professional liability and all other market available insurance transfer and distribution policies that protect their business and corporate assets. To satisfy the need of our clients, we had to meet and exceed the quality of our current services.

We are happy to inform our clients and prospective clients the time has come. We are now a full service firm, offering the excellence of our services across the wide area of the primary, secondary and captive insurance markets. Our Total Risk Management Solution (TRMS) exceeds any auditing standard dealing with insurance, insurable claims, other risk transfer situations, loss control and site safety requirements and regulations that may affect our clients.

Compcheck Corporation is now in the undisputed position to boast combined over 100 years of professional knowledge, skill and experience, all dedicated to solving our clients’ insurance related issues, controlling their insurance related costs and substantially reducing same, year after year.

I personally invite you to talk with one of our executives and explore the possibilities.

Dawn Turano
President & CEO