Introducing Feather Case Management

It has been said and it is the basic rule in most if not all states, that an employer takes an injured worker as he or she is. This means that if the worker has a pre-existing condition that is advanced, aggravated or exacerbated by an injury that occurs while the worker is employed by this employer, then the claim is compensable. As we all know, these are heavily litigated and costly issues. Many try, mostly without success, to argue that if there has been no anatomical change in the pre-existing condition, then the injury in question is not compensable. MRIs and other diagnostic tests may be helpful in attempts to resolve these issues, after the injury has occurred and three-quarters of the way in having spent an enormous amount of operating capital.

There is only one way to ensure the actual degree of compensability and disability of any soft tissue work related injury, before this injury occurs.

In our quest to bring the best possible services to our clients, last year we introduced the Emerge EFA-STM patented system as our primary cost-containment and savings program, that, along with our Claims Auditing program, has successfully resolved our clients’ workers’ compensation soft tissue problems in the most financially rewarding and efficient manner by bringing about drastic reductions in soft tissue driven work related incidents and as a consequence, huge reductions in claims costs. See what this is all about by visiting our Emerge page and reading all about this EFA-STM program.

This year we have done one better. We have successfully concluded a joint venture business arrangement with Feather CaseManagement & Consulting, LLC. which rounds out our Total Risk Management System (our TRMS) with its ability to offer our clients  features and benefits not found elsewhere as a totally customizable platform. Features that include Baseline Employment Testing with EFA-STM, Medical / Disability / Vocational and Worker’s Compensation Case Management Services, Job Placement and Vocational Services and Return to Work Programs (Modified Duty, Fit-for Duty). Benefits that include Safety Compliance and Ergonomic Evaluations, Assistance with Safety and Prevention Plans and STAT Preview services to provide claim analysis referencing Jurisdictional Evidenced Based Guidelines.

You can read all about our newest joint venture and how it will help you manage your statutory compliance, streamline your pre-hire and fit-for-duty processes and provide you with the only patented, regulated and judicially successful tool that ensures the actual degree of compensability and disability of any soft tissue work related injury, before this injury occurs. Visit our new page at or simply choose the “Feather” tab above.

Contact us for a review of your current hiring, safety and claims protocols and to discuss the implementation of the EFA-STM program and how it will drastically reduce the number of soft tissue claims and their costs.

Cathy Iekeler leads the Feather Case Management Team along with Tony Damoulis who leads our Risk Management Program. Both can be reached via email or simply by contacting either through going to the bottom of any page on our web site, give us your contact information and click the red button “Send”.