What We Do

Helping you navigate the insurance world.

We can help you take control of insurance costs by evaluation, education, training and tools. Through auditing, reducing claim reserves and tracking these reserves through the experience rating process and the life of the claim, our proprietary auditing tools and techniques, can substantially reduce insurance costs.

Maybe you won't quite understand exactly how we do it, but that's ok! We've got a list of clients that love our results and we are ready to walk through the process of saving on your premium. Whether you're an insurance agent with clients or a company owner, we can help!

Our Services, simplified:

  • Reduce insurance costs with our Total Risk Management Solution (TRMS)
  • Save money on insurance premiums
  • Minimize uninsured or under-insured losses
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Minimize future fraudulent claims and help remove existing ones from your experience
  • Payroll classification reviews, custom mod analysis and verification
  • Issues with covered employees, injuries & diseases
  • Assistance in states that allow alternative products
  • Identify problem issues in claims-made policies
  • Coverage triggers, retro dates & extended reporting periods
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